Seychelles Trusts

Licenced And Regulated In Seychelles

WhatsApp or SMS (Messaging):

+248 2632111

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How can we pay? What methods of payment do you accept?

We much prefer payment via bank wire transfer (SWIFT, IBAN, online payments) and most of clients pay by this method. We can receive payments in United States dollars, Euros, Hong Kong dollars, British Pounds and Singapore dollars. Other curriences are also allowed but they will be converted to one of the above currencies by our banks.

We can also accept credit card payments from VISA and Mastercard holders. We provide a special credit card authorization form for this purpose which you can fax to us. You may also send money straight to one of our bank accounts via international money order services like MoneyGram or Western Union but we only recommend this if you absolutely cannot pay by bank transfer or credit card because bank charges are very high.

If you are in Seychelles we may accept small amounts of cash (less than 2000 United States dollars) which we would bank straight away and while you are still in Seychelles. Bank notes must be of very good quality because Seychelles banks are very strict. The banks would only accept bank notes for the major international currencies.

We do not accept e-money from services like Paypal and WebMoney.

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