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We need the IBC documents very urgently. Can we have the documents now and we will complete client registration later?

At the very least we must receive all documents and information required for client registration via email in a high-quality format, preferably in colour, to be able to release your new company documents to you.

Our regulations strictly require that we complete client registration procedures before we fulfil your orders. During client registration we must come to “know our client” (KYC) to ensure that any proposed business or activity will be in accordance to the laws of Seychelles and to help ensure that once the IBC is operational it will remain compliant. Depending on the circumstances, simplified due diligence measures may be applied to long-standing clients, affiliates or other contacts with a good track record, which can help reduce order processing time.

In most cases, to complete your orders very quickly we will begin to process your order soon after you choose us.

When time is very limited a ready-made shelf company may help you meet your deadline. The documents can be despatched immediately after receiving all documents and information for client registration.

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