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What is a Seychelles International trust?

A Seychelles International Trust is registered under the Seychelles International Trusts Act 1994 as amended by a non-resident settlor. The settlor cannot at any time be a resident in Seychelles but residency is actually equated with domicile. The settlor can reside in Seychelles for a period of time provided that he does not become domiciled in Seychelles.

A Seychelles Trust requires a resident trustee which must be a corporate trustee licenced by the Seychelles International Business Authority.

Additionally if any of the beneficiaries are Seychelles nationals their names must be disclosed to the Seychelles International Business Authority.

Another restriction is that the Trust cannot own immoveable property in Seychelles. In relation to Seychelles assets it can only own Seychelles IBC shares and maintain cash in a Seychelles bank account.

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