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What kinds of shares are allowed?

Shares can only be issued in registered form. Bearer shares are not allowed. The share register must record all particulars of a shareholder (the name, the address, amounts transferred to and from the shareholder, and the balance held). We can prepare and maintain it for you.

Shares can be issued as shares with a par value or shares without a par value. With par value shares, shares cannot be issued for less than par value. With no par value shares, the value is at the discretion of the directors.

Shares are normally issued as ordinary shares where each share has one vote and receives dividends. Other classes of shares can also be issued with different rights. A company can issue multiple class shares i.e. A shares, B shares, C shares etc each with different numbers of votes per share and other rights. Dual share class structures like Google or Berkshire Hathaway that concentrates control are possible.

The Seychelles IBC can also issue shares limited by guarantee so that the shareholder does not immediately have to pay up for shares.

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