Seychelles Trusts

Licenced And Regulated In Seychelles

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Who can be a trustee?

In Seychelles only a licenced corporate trustee or an approved employee of a licenced corporate trustee. In all cases, the licenced corporate trustee would be required to act as the resident trustee and the employee can be appointed as an additional trustee.

Outside of Seychelles any individual person over 18 years old can be appointed. Any corporate entity such a company, corporation or foundation can also be appointed.

A settlor whether the settlor is an individual person or a corporate entity can be a trustee but this arrangement is generally not recommended because it can often give the impression that the settlor is still in full control of the assets.

A Seychelles trust is required to have a licenced corporate trustee as the “resident trustee”. Additional trustees whether residing in Seychelles or in other countries is optional.

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