Seychelles Trusts

Licenced And Regulated In Seychelles

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Can we really trust you the “resident trustee”?

Yes you can because we are licenced and regulated by the Seychelles International Business Authority. In Seychelles the business of corporate services providers and the provision of trustees is highly regulated and the authority does not tolerate any illegal and unethical behaviour. An aggrieved client (beneficiaries and protectors in the case of a Trust) can easily file a compliant with the authority who would then investigate us. For serious wrongdoings, the authority has the power to suspend or to cancel our licence which would put us out of business. We would not put our business at risk by doing anything illegal or unethical.

Even for relatively minor issues the protectors and co-trustees will be able to change to another resident trustee in Seychelles or they may even transfer the trust to another truste in another country. You could also appoint an intermediary you know and trust such as your lawyers or accountants overseas (not in Seychelles) to co-manage the Trust as a co-trustees.

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