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If someone investigates a Seychelles Trust, what information will they get?

They will get limited information and documents publicly filed but they will not easily be able to get the information and documents filed with the Registered Agent.

From a search at the Registry, assuming they already know the name of the foundation, they will be able find out the registration number, the intial assets settled into the foundation, the registered agent’s name and address, the registered office of the foundation, the last annual licence fee that was paid, the next annual licence fee to be paid and the status of the foundation (whether in good standing, struck off or dissolved etc). They would also be able to get a copy of the certificate of incorporation, the charter and any other documents filed publicly. The would see the name the address of the original founder as stated on the charter.

Normally they would not see the names and addresses of the subsequent founders, and the names and addresses of the beneficiaries, councillors, protectors and supervisory persons because our standard is very small and includes the minimum information. We also only usually file extracts of resolutions which do not show such details and also, the registers are not filed.

Particulars of the founders, councillors, protectors, supervisory persons and beneficiaries are only held privately by us the Registered Agent. We keep the registers ourselves and we do not file them with any authority. Furthermore we are not allowed to provide any information to any third party, the law prohibits us. In most cases we would totally ignore any request and we would inform you of the request.

There is one exception. If a request is made by our financial investigations unit we are required to provide all information they require but they are also obligated to maintain confidentiality. Only the Seychelles Courts can release private information into the public domain, during legal proceedings.

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