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What do you accept as proof of identity? A passport copy?

As proof of identity we can accept a certified copy of your passport or National identity card. We do not recommend sending the originals to us so as to avoid risk of loss of such important documents. Certified copies are sufficient.

The certifier must use the following or equivalent text “Having seen the individual and identification document at the same time, I certify this is a true copy and the photograph is a reasonable likeness.”

We need a good quality copy, preferably a colour copy showing the passport photo, the signature, the issue date and the expiry date. The person certifying the copy should then sign the certification and add their full name, title, address and the date that they certified the documents. The certifier must actually have seen the original document. The copy and certification must be done by one the following persons (in order of preference):

A notary public
A consular or embassy official from your consulate or embassy
A police officer
A Commissioner of Oaths
A Justice of the Peace A Mayor / Maire (but not the deputy)
A member of staff at a major international bank (with the bank’s stamp)
A qualified lawyer or solicitor who is subjected to anti-money laundering regulations in a regulated jurisdiction and who can state a bar number
A qualified accountant or auditor who is subjected to anti-money laundering regulations in a regulated jurisdiction and who can state an international association membership reference

We can also accept certification and verification from a registered professional intermediary client who is also a regulated person. A regulated person is someone or an entity who is subjected to anti-money laundering regulations and who is reporting entity under such regulations. Also, if you are in Seychelles we can make a copy of the documents when you are in our offices and we can then certify the copies.

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