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We don’t need our IBC anymore? What are our options?

You could simply stop paying the annual fees. Then we will not pay the annual licence fee to government and eventually, usually within some months, the IBC will be struck off the register. One year after strike, off it will be deemed to have been dissolved. We refer to this as “letting the IBC lapse into dissolution”.

You could also voluntarily wind up (dissolve) the IBC. This is not a straightforward process, but we can guide your through it. This the most robust close down option but also the costliest one.

Another option is to notify the registry that the IBC has ceased to trade or operate and will not resume any activity, which may prompt the Registrar to strike off the IBC. Yet another option is for us to resign as registered agent, and the IBC would be struck off within 3 months for not having a registered agent.

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