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What will happen if annual renewal fees are not paid?

If our annual renewal fees are not paid we will not be able to pay the annual government fees. If the annual government fees are not paid the IBC will not remain in good standing and will eventually be struck off the register. One year after strike off it will be deemed to have been dissolved. Once struck off the assets held by the IBC may be deemed to be vested in the state i.e. assets of Seychelles. A more immediate consequence is that you would not able to get a certificate of good standing to give to your bankers and other business partners.

Struck off IBCs can be restored, and on restoration an IBC is deemed to never have been struck off, so apart from restoration fees and penalties there are no lasting implications if you inadvertently let an IBC be struck off. You can recover from the error but the FSA will inspect the file beforehand, to ensure compliance with the law.

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