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Why Use a Seychelles Trust?

Trusts play a crucial role in various aspects of everyday life, providing a structured framework for managing assets and ensuring their effective use.

Seychelles trusts can be utilized as follows:

  1. Company Pension Schemes:
    • Company pension schemes can be operated as trusts.
    • The employer (acting as the settlor) contributes funds to a pension fund manager (the trustee).
    • The trustee invests these funds for the benefit of employees upon their retirement (the beneficiaries).
    • Trusts streamline the administration, regulation, and taxation of pension funds.
  2. Life Insurance Policies:
    • Life insurance policies can be “written in trust.”
    • When the insured person passes away, the policy pays out to the trust.
    • The trust then disburses the funds according to the insured person’s wishes.
    • This approach can help to minimize inheritance taxes in some countries and ensures prompt and accurate distribution of insurance proceeds.
  3. Charitable Funding:
    • Large charitable trusts contribute significantly to medical research and other good causes.
    • Small charitable trusts supporting specific causes.
    • The flexibility of trust structures allows the settlor to specify the purpose of the funds (e.g., “for medical research”, or “for development of sports”).
    • Trustees then decide over time which projects to fund.
  4. Family Financial Affairs:
    • Trusts provide confidence to the settlor regarding the future use of assets.
    • They serve as a mechanism for holding and managing money or property on behalf of others.
    • Trusts can even benefit future generations, including unborn grandchildren.

Common family scenarios where trusts are used (often alongside wills) include:

  • Providing for Spouses and Children:
    • Trusts ensure financial support for surviving spouses while safeguarding the interests of children.
  • Protecting Young Children’s Inheritance:
    • Trusts manage assets until children are mature enough to handle them independently.
  • Supporting Vulnerable Relatives:
    • Trusts assist relatives who may struggle to manage their own affairs.
  • Facilitating Succession Planning in Family Businesses.

The use of trusts continues to grow globally, especially as family structures become more complex.

It is estimated that several trillions of dollars of wealth are inherited or transferred through trusts each year, confirming them as a useful vital tool for intergenerational wealth management.

Our team at A.C.T. can help you quickly and cost-effectively establish and register a Seychelles trust, and properly setup and manage the roles of settlors, trustees, and beneficiaries, to ensure you have an effective Seychelles Trust. 

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